Vacation Rentals

We offer a wonderful selection of vacation rentals in stunning Sedona and charming Tubac - Locations perfect for family vacations, weddings, retreats, conferences, and more! Browse the websites and contact us when you're ready to book Magic Land for a one-of-a-kind getaway experience!

Moondance Sedona

Situated in the valley of Oak Creek, with a majestic view of Cathedral Rock, this elegantly furnished private retreat at the end of MoonDance Lane awaits you. With Eight Bedrooms, Six Baths, a Fully Appointed Kitchen with Service for 20, 6,700 square feet of living space, Wi Fi, Direct TV, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Covered Deck, 1.7 Acres of fenced yard, Breathtaking Views, and Concierge Services, this special vacation retreat and sanctuary will ensure a memorable experience for your family or group.

Located just 5 minutes from both Red Rock State park, and Crescent Moon Ranch, and 10 minutes from West Sedona, the MoonDance Sedona Sanctuary offers the ideal combination of privacy and easy access to the wonders of the Sedona area.

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Cathedral Rock Lodge & Retreat Center

The Cathedral Rock Lodge & Retreat Center is comfortably situated amid green lawns, terraced gardens and wooded grounds, with stunning views nestled between Cathedral Rock and surrounding red rock vistas. Situated in the valley of Oak Creek this rustic retreat began as a family homestead in 1948. With the same charm and ambiance of those early days, this quaint abode will afford you and your family a relaxing and intimate setting for any occasion.

Located within walking distance to Avalon Gardens, on Loy Lane. Special attention to your private party, be it a family reunion, birthday celebration or any retreat experience, will be attended to by our qualified staff.

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Tubac Secret Garden Inn

The story of the Secret Garden continues, renewed with the spirit of service and comfort, in the new Tubac Secret Garden Inn. We extend a warm invitation to all tourists, travelers, and neighbors to come and experience the finest of tranquil gardens, and the most charming and peaceful of retreats in southern Arizona.

The feeling of Old Tubac's spanish colonial history, together with the landscaping quality of our garden make you feel as though you were relaxing in the environs of Spain. Perfect for vacation and rest in quiet peace, social gatherings and parties, weddings, receptions, bridal showers, and reunions.

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