Human Rights Minister Daniel Steinhardt

I am a native of New York and a graduate from Duke University. I first visited Arizona in 1997. I was so drawn to the natural serenity and spiritual beauty of this state that I soon purchased property here. After moving to Arizona permanently and beginning to raise a family, I decided to become a licensed agent and now a broker so that I could assist others in finding their own special sanctuary here. We are excited to offer you a unique array of unusual and exquisite homes and businesses to meet your personal and professional real estate needs. I specialize in locating the perfect space to complement your dreams. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in all the stages of your real estate purchase.

Human Rights Minister Daniel Steinhardt
Designated Broker
Human Rights Minister

Michael White

Originally from California, I have lived in Arizona since 1995. Like many, I became enchanted by the specialness of this amazing state. I have spent years exploring unique and exquisite trails and neighborhoods around Arizona and am eager to guide you to just the ideal location for you. I take great pleasure in discovering with you those special features in a home that will bring quality into your daily life; to help you locate not just a house, but a sanctuary that will allow you to fully enjoy this spectacular natural environment to its fullest. As a teacher, financial counselor, and realtor I have spent over 25 years assisting others in clarifying their values and focusing on their goals to help make their dreams a reality. I hope to have a chance to help make your dreams a reality as well.

Michael White
Human Rights Minister
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I would highly recommend Daniel Steinhardt and Magic Land Realty.
Daniel is positive and creative, constantly attentive and coming up with ways to present our home to potential buyers.
His talented and creative photo staff photographed our home in varied phases of daylight on multiple days, with...
I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel on both the sales of my personal properties as well as purchasing properties. He is a sensitive agent who took time to get to know my interests and needs and went to great lengths to accommodate them. I appreciate... read more
Daniel was key in finding the home that we finally purchased. He was very keen in understanding our needs and helping us find options based on our needs.
The process was simple, fast and very effective.
Now looking to him to find us office space.
I would highly recommend working with him to find...
My experience with BenDameean was great. I was moving myself, 2 friends, and our company to Tubac from Portland. BenDameean helped us at every step of the process. His knowledge of the local area helped greatly because I didn't really know what was possible, I knew the parameters I had... read more